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Ships from Manufacturer

This game-changing fill-station employs our state-of-the-art control system with a 15-inch HMI touch-screen interface, which allows the operator to manage the entire system from the single-point touch screen.

  • The integrated 15-inch HMI touch screen allows operators to control the entire system from a central location with full visual interface of all system functions.
  • The optional BAUER Gas-Tek™ gas monitoring system utilizes state-of-the-art gas sensor technology with real-time assessment of breathing air quality to assure safety. Trace elements of CO and other harmful gases in excess of preset limits will force the compressor to shut off and display an alarm on the HMI touch screen. The HMI will also automatically prompt a quarterly system calibration in accordance with NFPA guidelines.
  • The optional Lab On Locale 2™ facilitates real-time sampling of the compressed air and transmits the readings via internet uplink to an accredited third-party lab to satisfy quarterly air sample testing/reporting as prescribed by NFPA 1989.
  • The optional RFID Reader (Data-Logging Interface) automatically reads and records data from the RFID equipped SCBA cylinders. Simply set the cylinder in one of three (3) fill positions and the scanner antenna will automatically provide the date/location/pressure/person of the last fill along with serial number and the bottle’s total number of fills. NFPA 1989 data collection made easy.


  • BAUER breathing air purification system with SECURUS
  • Solid state auto cascade system
  • BAUER GAS-TEK Gas Monitoring System (OPTIONAL)
  • Hose reel built to accommodate 100' of high pressure breathing air hose (OPTIONAL)
  • LAB ON LOCALEAccredited remote air testing (OPTIONAL)
  • Compressor low oil pressure and high temperature safety shutdowns
  • Emergency stop button
  • Ergonomic system-operations panel
  • 15-inch HMI touch screen control
  • RFID Reader to log fill-sequence and data of 3 SCBAs (OPTIONAL)
  • Ergonomically designed stainless steel fill adaptors with integral bleed valve
  • Automatic condensate drain system with non-corrosive condensate
  • NFPA 1901 2016 edition compliant 3 position containment fill station accommodates SCBA or SCUBA cylinders up to 31" overall length
  • Two (2) ASME code stamped air cylinders installed in an integral rack designed to hold four (4) cylinders
Tech Specs
DIMENSIONS L X W X H inches (mm)
  • 101 x 78 x 38 (2565 x 1981 x 965)
WEIGHT pounds (kg)
  • 4350 - 4550 (1973 - 2064)
*Weights are based on a unit equipped with 4 ASMEs COMPRESSOR COMPARTMENT
  • Capable of accommodating a 13 to 26 SCFM charge rate
  • Insulated cabinet design for “Against the Wall Installation”
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BAUER Breathing Air Catalog

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