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Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Pro Structural Glove - Long Cuff

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SKU PT 8 Fusion Pro LC : 64N
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The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Pro structural firefighting glove provides superior dexterity, grip, flexibility, comfort and fit that Pro-Tech 8 users expect at a cost effective level. As with all our structural models, this stunningly light-weight flexible glove is compliant and certified to the NFPA 1971-2018 Standard. Most importantly, Fusion maximizes "gloves-on capability" through all your various fire ground tasks, which is the ultimate enhancement to hand safety.

  • Extremely flexible light weight construction while maintaining safety and protection
  • Glove back side features our unique 7-layer flexible knuckle guard system which reinforces thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance at the vulnerable knuckle compression point; a well-known firefighting hazard
  • Unique stitching of the outer palm layer prevents bunching up of material and promotes the most efficient grip of any NFPA compliant structural glove
  • Mesh knit inner liner reduces friction during don and doff which allows for greater efficiency
  • The ring and middle finger's palm side are cut and sewn independently for enhanced dexterity
  • Gathered stitching is used around the entire wrist for a secure fit and prevents debris from entering the glove
  • The glove inner liners are sewn in and bonded at each fingertip for maximum retention and efficient wet don and doff. A leather hang-up loop is provided in the glove for fast easy drying and storage
  • Long Cuff wristlet style features a Kevlar elastic inner cuff band for the most secure fit and to prevent debris from entering. The wristlet section is actually an extension of the full glove body construction and provides significantly more protection and easier don and doff than traditional knit wristlets; specifically for use with turnout gear sleeves that do not have thumb wristlets or long wristlets
  • Blood borne pathogen protection
  • Overall more breathable and quicker drying than full leather structural gloves

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