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Lion Bullex Gas Trainer Package

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Due to limited sales territory, only available in WA, OR, ID, AK, WY, MT, CO, UT, NV, AZ, and CA

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With a LION GasTrainer system, firefighters can train to confidently make critical decisions responding to HazMat IDLH emergencies through high-impact hands-on training. Designed to replicate a four-gas meter, the GasTrainer system simulates and "detects" gas clouds and leaks that can be set in realistic scenarios where firefighters are most likely to respond. By detecting, displaying levels and alarming in real time, the GasTrainer system challenges students to interpret and react to a potential gas leak. Take your training out of the classroom and into the real word with the GasTrainer system from LION.


  • Hands-on - Replace paper and verbal command training with actual active training utilizing tools on-site where dangers may be present
  • Safe - No exposure to IDLH environments necessary, no need for respiratory protection to train
  • Customizable - Adjust alarm levels and intensity settings to create various emergency scenarios
  • Flexible - Simulates four gases most common to first responder emergencies (Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Carbon Monoxide (CO) and LEL
  • Instructor controlled - Monitor and control the entire training scenario while on the scene
  • Convenient - Train anywhere, anytime - indoors or out

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