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Lion Bullex ATTACK Digital Fire Training System Package

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Due to limited sales territory, only available in WA, OR, ID, AK, WY, MT, CO, UT, NV, AZ, and CA

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Flames and Smoke where Live Fire isn't Possible
Turn any location into a burn room with the LION Attack Digital Fire Training System. The Attack includes everything you'll need for digital fire training. The waterproof panel uses five thermal sensors along with self-generating digital flames and sound effects to provide an interactive training experience. The system's available smoke generation produces a smoky environment relative to the size of the fire.


  • Train Anywhere - The Attack allows you to train in any location, even those areas where live fire is not possible. This can include a burn tower, acquired structure, or even your engine bay.
  • Diversify Your Training - The Attack allows you to place the seat of the fire in a new location each day you train, and even after every evolution. This continually challenges trainees and helps them be better prepared for live burn training and real fire situations.
  • Realistic Training - The Attack simulates accurate fire growth and behavior. Thermal sensors detect where water from a hose line hits the panel and varies the flames in response. Dynamic smoke generation is tied to the size of the fire and time since ignition. Recreate fire extension with the use of multiple panels.
  • Easy to Set Up and Break Down - The Attack can be set up in about 5 minutes, giving you more time to train. Break down is just as quick.

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