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HEN Turbo-25

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The Turbo-25 increases the back pressure by an additional 25-30 PSI in the handline stretch for 150-185 GPM nozzles.


Turbocharge the performance of 1.75-inch hose when using a 50 PSI nozzle pressure yielding impressive benefits across all essential metrics, from higher pressure hose to premium low-pressure hose design.


Streamline essential members and handline fire stream development tasks on the fire ground, enhancing suppression and safety.


Pump Operator:

  • Higher Initial PDP = Less Kinks On-Charge
  • Simplifies all Transfers to Positive Pressure Source (Tank to Hydrant Transfer)
  • No to Less Gating Discharges
  • Governor Functions as Designed when Net Pump Pressure < Discharge Pressure



  • Entire Stretch Possesses a Back Pressure Enhancement from Rig to Nozzle
  • Appropriately Rigid Line is easier to Feed and Push on Advance
  • Appropriately Rigid Line is easier to Pull on Advance
  • 75psi BP = Less Kink Formation in the IDLH and Outside



  • Achieve proper NP quicker upon call for Water, more Mechanical Force Knocking Dry Kinks Out
  • Reduces to Eliminates Hose and Nozzle Whip Issues
  • Ensures an Arm Length Nozzle Bite, Improving Water Mapping with Less Arm Movement
  • Low reaction force 50psi Nozzle Pressure remains intact.

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