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Contact Us: (425) 821-5858 | Toll Free: (800) 327-5312 | Email:


  • $340.00

    HAIX Airpower XR1 Pro Firefighting Boots

    Developed with the wildland firefighter in mind, these boots can take you to the fire line and back with the comfort you need when logging long hou...

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  • $440.00

    HAIX Fire Hunter Xtreme Firefighting Boot

    As a firefighter, you see a lot of heat. In fact, that is what you battle every day, all day when you go into the scene of a fire. You want your wo...

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  • $460.00

    HAIX Fire Eagle Air Firefighting Boot

    Today's fire ground is not the same as those of the past. Lighter weight building materials makes for structures that can be more unstable and requ...

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  • $510.00

    HAIX Fire Hero Xtreme Firefighting Boot

    The nature of your job as a firefighter can entail unforeseen physical challenges, from climbing multiple flights of stairs in full turnout gear, d...

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  • $365.00

    HAIX Missoula 2.1 Wildland Firefighting Boot

    Description The HAIX Missoula 2.1 was built to meet the exacting demands of the wildland firefighter. The durably tough European split bull leather...

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